Hixon Tech provides professional lithium battery solutions and manufacturers!

Hixon Technology Limited was established in 2013 and is headquartered in Shenzhen Pingshan Haikexing International Student Industrial Base. It is a company specializing in the development, production and service of lithium-ion batteries. It has a workshop of 5000 square meters, 6 automatic production lines, 300 personnel, and a daily production capacity of 200K sets. Products are widely used in 3C consumer electronics, military industry, scientific research institutes, resource exploration, field rescue, medical equipment, security communications, transportation and logistics and other fields.

R & D

The company has a team of professional lithium battery engineers including electrochemistry, materials, technology, structure, quality, and electronics, and has made achievements in battery application research, BMS research and development, modeling and structural design, manufacturing process and automation equipment development. It has achieved fruitful results and passed a number of patent applications. The company has a special safety and reliability testing laboratory, which can comprehensively and systematically complete various performance monitoring and evaluation, including overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, extrusion, burning, acupuncture, high and low temperature, vibration, drop, etc.

The company is based on advanced lithium battery application technology, relying on partners such as the School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering of Shenzhen University, the School of Electronic Engineering of Xidian University, and the School of Materials of Beijing University of Science and Technology, to introduce, cultivate and jointly develop the company's independent core technology, laying a foundation for customized services for lithium batteries core research capabilities.

Products Quality

The company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification. Product quality and safety is our top priority at every stage of design, development and validation, which enables us to comply with all relevant international safety and quality standards such as UL, CE, CB, KC, PSE, BIS, CQC, BSMI, UN38.3, etc. More than 1000 sets of reliable & high-performance customized lithium-ion battery solutions have been designed by Hixon and there are over 300 clients all over the world.

Corporate Philosophy

Core Values: Harmony, Innovation, Pursuit of Excellence. Enterprise mission: use our wisdom to produce safe and green energy to make people's lives happier. Business philosophy: speed, synergy, simplicity, cost, talent. Company Spirit: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Striving for the First, Leading


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